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Deforestation: Past Present & Future

June 11, 2011


Deforestation has been an issue on our planet ever since I can remember. Since before my generation, Deforestation was an issue that surrounded the world. It has been a world-wide  belief that climate change is being caused by deforestation. But what is the reason behind deforestation. What is the cause of it? We are the […]

Plight of the Pilot Whales

May 24, 2011


There has been a recent bout of stranded Pilot Whales in the past month. In the last month, News has come from Scotland, Florida and New Zealand. Unfortunately, many of the stranded whales has died though few have given animal activists some hope of survival. Scottish Pilot Whales were believed to have purposely beached due […]

How Disgusting!

May 10, 2011


So when you go to the zoo, you tend to see animals in well-kept habitats, maybe playing around with their siblings or habitat mates, possibly interacting with humans out of curiosity. Well have you ever seen an Orangutan smoking? How about a Crocodile who has no water to soak in. Or maybe you’ve seen a […]

Petition: Tony the Tiger

May 3, 2011


This is an interesting topic I am about to write about that has me torn in two peices.  I cannot decide which path is right as after extensive research into this particular story, I still want two different things. After my trip from Crete, I came back to many new twitter posts referring to Tony the […]

Things of Interest: Big Bear Hug

April 14, 2011


Pictures emerged this week of a doting father, hugging and playing with his four month old baby girl. But this was not your average father daughter pairing. This, is the pairing of bears at a zoo in East Russia. Father Balu and four month old Baby Diva were caught on camera playing around while mother […]

Crack that Whip just like a Circus

April 7, 2011


This year, animal cruelty has been in the spotlight with numerous reports of animals being abused and killed. Most recent is the case of Anne the Circus Elephant. She was caught on film being abused, slashed, whipped and shackled by heavy chains in the winter quarters of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus. The 57-year-old Elephant was […]

Petition: Proud to Kill Elephants

March 30, 2011


A video went viral on 14th March when CEO or GoDaddy, Bob Parsons, posted a video showing him killing an elephant. Claiming it to be “one of the most beneficial and rewarding things” he does, Parsons has angered the animal loving community with the brutality of killing these humble creatures. Claiming these animals are reasons […]