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Who deserves to be happy?

June 12, 2011


Today has been nothing but rain. Everyone at home is asleep and I am sat in front of the TV. Usually I just shift channels when the adverts come on, but since the remote is on the other side of the couch and the weather is making me lazy, I’m stuck watching through the adverts. […]

Paws 4 a Cause

May 5, 2011


When its someones birthday, usually we settle for a card and maybe a present that is only slightly better than last years sweater. When we hear its our favourite Celebrity’s birthday, we maybe make them a video, or a photo book of some kind… or if we are really creative…. a sweater. Last year,, Ian […]

Do you have a project/petition/charity that needs a voice?

March 10, 2011


This blog was created to voice my opinions on things happening in our world. But it was also to highlight the things people are doing to protect our world, the animals in it, the environment and the people. Sure, I could have chosen to write a blog about fashion or gossip. Or I could have […]

Crowdrise Success

March 8, 2011


When it comes to fundraising and charity. I’ve not seen anything like this before. Crowdrise is a fantastic organisation based in the United States. When I joined up, it was mostly out of curiosity, but as I got into it I realised I just had to write about it and let you guys know that […]

A cure for Martha Stringer

March 7, 2011


So I was on the internet looking for my next blogpost. I came across the Kidney Research website. Kidney Research is something that means alot to me because I have a father who has been suffering from kidney failure since before I was born. He has already had two transplants, and they have both failed. […]