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Things of Interest: Joy for War Dogs

May 25, 2011


Good news for the veteran four-legged creatures. Since the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden, adoption requests have come in growing numbers. Retired war dogs are in demand since of the war dogs was used as in the mission to find Bin Laden. Each year, only 300 dogs are put for adoption when they […]

Things of Interest: Natural Disasters in Pictures

May 24, 2011


You can’t deny that there is something about seeing certain images of natural disasters take your breath away. Below are some of the images from mother natures most dramatic moments.

Things of Interest: Amazing Ocean Views

May 20, 2011


I like googling ocean photography and seeing all the different images I get. Today, I came across the website of Jason Bradley.  Jason Bradley is number 1 in Deep Sea News’ top 11 “Ocean Photographers you must know”. And you should definately check out his work, Bradley has managed to get up close and personal […]

Things of Interest: Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

May 19, 2011


Every year, for the past five years, Sculptors have gathered together to compete in the annual Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival. Each year, the sculptures are put on display for the public, attracting millions to the beach front city of Antalya. In honour of the amazing artwork done for the festival, below are some images of this […]

Things of Interest: Fur Free

May 18, 2011


West Hollywood is the first city to Ban the sale of Fur If I asked you how many animals died each year to provide quality fur clothing, would you know? More than 50 million animals are slaughtered for our fashion industry. Dying, to become the next fashion line. For years, Animal Activists have tried to […]

Things of Interest: Seal finds Freedom

May 12, 2011


Check out this below video of a baby seal being set to freedom. It seems that the cute little thing can’t seem to believe that he is being set free, but as soon as he realises he isn’t being fooled, the seal runs to the sea. The seal is a Northern Fur Seal. He was […]

Things of Interest: Amazing Images from Mauritius’ life

May 12, 2011


When it comes to sea life photography, the amazing photos are countless. There is no end to all the amazing shots that are taken, that when I saw these ones, taken by Anita Williams, I just had to share them. Below are just few of the amazing images of Mauritius’ life.  For more, why not […]