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“Merry go rounds and wild flowers. those are an excellent unity in my experiencing pathway. i had a sit and spin as a child and there is a merry go round at the park a little ways from where i am staying.

there is an area of life that rotates around continuously counter the clock and this causes out integrations that result in confusion, discomfort, illness, etc. tou can see it as an upside down and inside out tornado doing what it is supposed to do uniting the life of perpetual consciousnes inside of it and understanding a communication of infatuation to life around it (most of the time with exceptions that relate to something happening classified as unacceptable).

there is something happening that is supporting life to understand how it understands whole knowledge within experiences (emotion and activity) that is appreciated. it is also true that how life uses itself together is being understood and can be called a perpetual perfect unity. Life interested in what the Entity able to be called God, but that requires no name, is doing is using itself within this area.

This Entity is in control of everything, is doing eveything, and everything can be understood…now that is GOOD communication.

Love, peace, joy, appreciation to you, Continuous and then Always.”

Name: Allelyah


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