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Who deserves to be happy?

June 12, 2011


Today has been nothing but rain. Everyone at home is asleep and I am sat in front of the TV. Usually I just shift channels when the adverts come on, but since the remote is on the other side of the couch and the weather is making me lazy, I’m stuck watching through the adverts. […]

Things of Interest: The World Wide Web

May 28, 2011


Today I spent most of the day with my family, we went bowling. Something I have not done in a very long time. But, the Man United match against Barcelona is on tonight. Everyone wants to watch that… so I am on the internet. Writing to you. Connecting with you through the internet. The world […]

Things of Interest: Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

May 19, 2011


Every year, for the past five years, Sculptors have gathered together to compete in the annual Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival. Each year, the sculptures are put on display for the public, attracting millions to the beach front city of Antalya. In honour of the amazing artwork done for the festival, below are some images of this […]

Random: Its Friday

May 13, 2011


No. Not a tribute to Rebecca Black. Just a basic statement while I sit here and write to you. I have been scowering the internet today to find something that I think needs my voice. But today seems to be quite slow on the new issues. Although, I am sure, by evening time, there will […]

Things of Interest: Seal finds Freedom

May 12, 2011


Check out this below video of a baby seal being set to freedom. It seems that the cute little thing can’t seem to believe that he is being set free, but as soon as he realises he isn’t being fooled, the seal runs to the sea. The seal is a Northern Fur Seal. He was […]

Things of Interest: Dont worry. Be Happy :D

April 13, 2011


Incase you’ve been stuck indoors the past week, The sun has been shining and finally we are feeling some heat! Which is great news for those who want a natural tan. Bad news for those who dont like the sun…. which is probably the reason why you have been stuck indoors the last week. Sadly […]