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Can Meat Eaters be Animal Friendly?

June 21, 2011


I was recently in discussion with a friend of mine about my blog and how I was hoping that there would be something in my writing that would help my readers in pushing themselves to be more environmental or helpful. Then they turned around and said to me. You eat meat. How can you love […]

Is putting them down the right answer?

June 6, 2011


On Thursday, 2 June 2011, a large crowd witnessed a horrific fall and death of Troop Horse Murphy. Murphy tripped and fell during the performance in Hyde Park before vets concluded that his fractured leg meant he would have to be put down. A makeshift ten was erected and the horse was put down while hundreds of […]

What could we learn from THEM

June 3, 2011


We can learn to CARE: If you have seen Happy Feet, you will have seen just how close an army of king penguins can be. Working as one large family, they strive to bring up their young together. Animals are noticeably so much more caring than we seem to be. They stand together and keep […]

Things of Interest: Cute Kitten Dreaming

May 28, 2011


Watch this cute video that has been plaguing the internet this past week. This kitten looks like it is dreaming before mommy comes for a protective cuddle.

Things of Interest: Joy for War Dogs

May 25, 2011


Good news for the veteran four-legged creatures. Since the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden, adoption requests have come in growing numbers. Retired war dogs are in demand since of the war dogs was used as in the mission to find Bin Laden. Each year, only 300 dogs are put for adoption when they […]

Plight of the Pilot Whales

May 24, 2011


There has been a recent bout of stranded Pilot Whales in the past month. In the last month, News has come from Scotland, Florida and New Zealand. Unfortunately, many of the stranded whales has died though few have given animal activists some hope of survival. Scottish Pilot Whales were believed to have purposely beached due […]

Things of Interest: Amazing Ocean Views

May 20, 2011


I like googling ocean photography and seeing all the different images I get. Today, I came across the website of Jason Bradley.  Jason Bradley is number 1 in Deep Sea News’ top 11 “Ocean Photographers you must know”. And you should definately check out his work, Bradley has managed to get up close and personal […]