Can Meat Eaters be Animal Friendly?

Posted on June 21, 2011


I was recently in discussion with a friend of mine about my blog and how I was hoping that there would be something in my writing that would help my readers in pushing themselves to be more environmental or helpful. Then they turned around and said to me.

You eat meat. How can you love animals if you eat them?

Fair point. But then it got me thinking. Could I be an animal lover if I feasted on chicken and red meat daily? Should I be a vegetarian to prove my point? Now I have tried to be a vegetarian many many times. But it has never worked out. I just can’t resist the smell of good cooked spicy meat. Especially chicken. But then, isn’t that what their purpose is in life? To be part of the food chain?

I have tried to think this through and through, and maybe many of you would disagree with me (and maybe hate me) but that doesn’t change anything. I love animals as much as the next vegetarian person. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be active in preserving our nature and our planet. I would just be another person who ate meat and hated animals.

And yet I’m not the only person in the planet who cant pull themselves away from the taste of a succulent chicken while loving what nature has provided for us. Yes, there are some meats that should not be eaten, for example, dog and shark, I personally think these creatures were not made to be eaten. But the likes of Chickens Cows and Sheep… what other reasons do they have on being here?

Is there a rule where it is said that If you love animals then you MUST be vegetarian? If so then that must mean that only the <10% of vegetarians who occupy our planet are animal lovers. The rest of us are just killers. So what does that mean for the animals?

Are you a meat eating animal lover? What do you think of this thought?