Deforestation: Past Present & Future

Posted on June 11, 2011


Deforestation has been an issue on our planet ever since I can remember. Since before my generation, Deforestation was an issue that surrounded the world. It has been a world-wide  belief that climate change is being caused by deforestation. But what is the reason behind deforestation. What is the cause of it?

We are the cause. No doubt many people will deny it. They will not understand how humans are to blame. But if you really want to think about it, you will see the truth. So why do we destroy our forestry? Money. Money is the main reason. Many companies use the properties that come from the forest such as oils and coals and of course the wood and fuel. But there are drastic results that follow the cutting down of the trees that accompany the change in our climate.

For one, the animals that habituate in these forests are left forgotten when the trees get cut down. They are left with no home, no shelter, no food. With that, it means there is a decrease in numbers which often leads to extinction. Animals like jaguars, macaws, certain monkey species and many more are already suffering the affects. They are already on the list of animals that need to be watched for extinction due to deforestation.

Over the years, many foundations like WWF and IS Foundation have come together to raise awareness and educate people about the effects of deforestation and global warming. What many don’t immediately realise is that these trees that are being cut down are the reason we still breath easy. Foundations like IS Foundation and WWF have raised awareness that the more trees that fall, the less carbon dioxide gets consumed.

In recent years, the UK itself has promised to put money into the reservation of forestry in hopes of slowing down, if not stopping completely, the fall of forestry.

According to a recent Daily Mail article that I came across, deforestation has been on the decrease and forestry has infact been increasing. In Britain, Forestry has increased by 10.6% since 2000. Europe however, has only increased 6.6% however, even with the small percentage, the increase rate is a hope for the forestry world wide. South America and Africa themselves show mall percentage increases in forestry. But its time small percentages grew into the larger numbers, let the next generation see the forests like they should be!