What could we learn from THEM

Posted on June 3, 2011


We can learn to CARE:

If you have seen Happy Feet, you will have seen just how close an army of king penguins can be. Working as one large family, they strive to bring up their young together. Animals are noticeably so much more caring than we seem to be. They stand together and keep each other alive. If one of them is wounded, they all rally around him to protect him and help him

We can learn to SURVIVE:

Lions are known as the kings of the jungle because of their predatory life and their strength to survive. They adapt to their habitat and learn how to rule it. They have learnt how to keep on going in the good times and the bad and humans need to learn from them to help us survive the toughest times.

We can learn to BE MONOGAMOUS:

Humans like to think of themselves as a faithful species, but when it comes to true fidelity, many other animals offer better examples of how to keep a relationship together. Although monogamy and lifelong pair bonds are generally rare in the animal kingdom, there are still many species who remain life time lovers with only one other of their kind. Gibbons, being the closest to the human race, remain monogamous their entire life. Once they form a bond, they never break it. If humans learnt that, Arnold Schwarzenegger would never have had this problem he has today.