Things of Interest: The World Wide Web

Posted on May 28, 2011


Today I spent most of the day with my family, we went bowling. Something I have not done in a very long time. But, the Man United match against Barcelona is on tonight. Everyone wants to watch that… so I am on the internet. Writing to you. Connecting with you through the internet.

The world wide web is an amazing place. To think there was a time when we used to write with pen to paper. Now a days, people take a few seconds of their time to type up a quick email. A letter sent in an instant. I however, have never really sent a hand written letter. Actually, I lie. In school I had a german pen pal. Part of my languages program.. we exchanged two letters before swapping emails.

Personally, I would love to go back to the 80’s. I wasn’t around then, I was born 1989, but I heard it was a great era to be alive. Things seemed so much simpler then. But I wouldn’t know any of this if it wasn’t for the world wide web. I wouldn’t know about my history, or the history of my planet if it wasn’t for the world wide web. How do I know that? Well I spent every history lesson in school, sleeping at the back of the class. I was awake for maybe one lesson, and that was when we were watching a film called Schindler’s List.

Launched in 1991 (another thing I learned from the WWW) the internet became a phenominon. And now, in 2011, I think our world would come to a stop without it. The internet creates everything. It connects people and although we once lived without it, that is not a possible case today. I personally grew up with the WWW and technology, take all that away from me and I would probably, be just a shell without knowledge. I have trouble soaking in information. I have to sit there for hours to take something in which is probably why I was so bored in school.

But in the past week, I was able to keep up with the news of Missouri’s Tornado, read information about Obama’s visit to London. I was able to update my blog and share my findings. Without the internet, Thoughts of a Kind would probably not exist. I would not be interested in reading the news and I probably wouldn’t be as passionate about most of the things in my life right now.

As I sit here right now, using the world wide web to express myself while ten whole minutes has passed in the Man U v Barcelona match, I think what I would be doing if I didn’t have the web. I would be bored. Simple as that. I would have to watch the match. Instead I get to watch a cute video a little kitten dreaming in its sleep. You have probably already seen it on youtube. If not, Stay tuned and you will be able to watch it in a future post. It just makes you go ‘ahhh’.

But since the WWW is here and free for use, shouldn’t we be using it to help each other? The WWW is my source and it is my voice. It is a place where I can express myself and share my thoughts. It is a place where I can research the past present or future. Without it… where would we be? where would our ‘green’ planet be? Would we be more enviromentally concious? or would we just keep going? Without the internet, would foundations like Peta, WDCS, IS Foundation, Greenpeace, would they all be successful? I dont know. Alot of foundations work through the WWW. without it, things could not be global and people would not be united. Thanks to the likes of twitter and other blogging sites, it has become so easy to be united across the world. Thoughts of a kind itself is global. And one day, it will make a difference….