Things of Interest: Fighting for a Future

Posted on May 26, 2011


There is no denying that earth is heading towards Global Warming, if not already there. With severe weather across the world, including storms, volcano activity, tsunamis, earthquakes and others. Its no wonder that millions of activists have taken it apon themselves to try and make a difference. The public have been working hard to make a greener planet, encouraging their governments to pass laws that will save our earth.

But what may be of shock is that, its not just the older population at work. In recent years, more and more young individuals, as young as 4-5, have begun actively working on making a difference. It seems that our next generation does not trust us to make enough of a difference!

Schools have been putting more and more emphasis on green living which is the reason why children have become alot more active. And they seem to be doing a better job at making a difference. Most people believe that to make a difference, it has to be a big deal. However, the next generation has already proven to us that making a difference can be as small as recycling, or as big as ‘green events’.

School have encouraged healthy competitions within the children to rise to the ‘Top 10’ green schools. But Most effective seems to be the knowledge of extinction. As a younger person, animals are beautiful and loveable creatures. Knowing that they are going extinct and being green can help them is a boost in the generations willing to survive.

A New Green Generation

Its a worldwide effort, but the words of one Boston school student seems to sum it up for everyone. “We are the people that will have to live in the future, and we should be allowed a healthy and clean planet.”

Is your school or your childs school trying to help make a difference? Share your story with us and encourage the youth of tomorrow to help make a difference.