Things of Interest: Joy for War Dogs

Posted on May 25, 2011


Good news for the veteran four-legged creatures. Since the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden, adoption requests have come in growing numbers. Retired war dogs are in demand since of the war dogs was used as in the mission to find Bin Laden. Each year, only 300 dogs are put for adoption when they retire. But since May 2nd, over 400 requests for adoption have come into organisations who deal with the war dogs.

War Dogs have been trained to identify explosives, insurgents and drugs as well as finding missing people. Used all over the world, in different organisations, these dogs are the heroes of many stories. Known by military dogs, sniffer dogs, war dogs, whatever the name, they have saved lives. But sadly, by the time of their retirement, these dogs have had a history of being euthanized when they had no home to go too.

May 2nd has changed that. Dogs that are worth over $40,000 with their training, have been successfully getting rehomed. One story is of Ringo. A Retired war dog, his new family have described him as “a real character, and a real member of the family.” Another is Jenny, a newly retired dog, loving her new civilian life. A caring dog that has filled the loss of her owners previous pet.

Its a success story for the War Dogs. A better option for the retired mutts and hopefully one that will continue.