Destructive path of Missouri Tornado

Posted on May 24, 2011


Its as if Mother Nature is trying to kick us in the butts and tell us something. From tsunamis, to volcanic activity, to tornados. Natural disasters are becoming more and more reoccurant and the latest place to suffer the consequences is Joplin, Missouri.

Although Missouri is used to tornados and have grown acustom to constant tornado warning ringing out, the current death toll has reached an unfortunate number of 116. Sadly, it is believed that the heavy rain and hail, drowned out the sound of the warning. This is the nations deadliest single Tornado in Missouri in 60 years, and the second major Tornado event in a month.

I'm Alive

Man pulled out of the rubble after texting friend his location

Although alot suffered through this natural disaster, many survived and even had some tales to share. By the miracle of mordern technology, one man survived the crumbling destruction of his home and text his best friend, telling him “I’m Alive”. The unnamed man was pulled from the rubble to cheers and claps as emergency services used the information he text his friend to find him.

Joplin is home to around 50,000 people. The city was left devasted in heaps of rubble, but scientists have come to the conclusion that there are many factors in the recent increase in events. Many beleive that Global warming is to blame for the sudden increase. Nothing can be said for sure as to how or why suddenly the planet is being hit with more deadly tornados. But it is not just tornados, In the past two months, we have had a Tsunami, numerous earthquakes, multiple tornados and volcanic activity. Many things can be to blame, all we can do is be prepared.