Petition: Free Artist Ai WeiWei

Posted on May 20, 2011


On April 3rd 2011, internationally acclaimed artist and architect , Ai Weiwei was arrested at Beijing Airport while en route to Hong Kong. Since his arrest, many statements have been released, explaining why the Artist was arrested. Along with his arrest 8 members of his personal staff and his wife were also detained.

The first released statement, explaining his incarceration was because “his departure procedures were incomplete,” however, on April 7th, police changed the statement and released another one, claiming that the acclaimed artist was arrested under investigation for alleged economic crimes. Two days later, His accountant, business partner and driver all disappeared.

The image many believe is the reason for his arrest

Many believe that his incarceration is due to Ai Weiwei’s controversial photograph of him in the nude with just a toy horse covering his modesty. The outspoken artist went on to caption his image with a chinese translation of “F . . . k your mother, the party central committee.” His disappearance has put the spotlight on a campaign of repression that started after news of the Arab revolts spread on the internet in China.

Weiwei made his name after introducing China to controversial art. He was an outspoken activist who was shielded by his fame and by his family connections. His father was standing next to Chairman Mao on the podium in Tiananmen Square when the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949. Unlike many of China’s other activists, who have never been heard of inside China because of the country’s pervasive censorship.

 Human Rights Activists are campaigning for his immediate release. To join them, click HERE to sign their petition