Things of Interest: Coffee Shock

Posted on May 19, 2011


You may or may not have heard in the recent weeks that scientists have managed to prove that men who drink more coffee are less likely to develop prostate cancer in the future. The sceintists spent 20 years watching and evaluating almost 50,000 men when they finally came to their conclusion earlier this week. 

Previous research has also proved that men are not the only ones to benefit.  One study showed that women who drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day are 57 percent less likely to develop breast cancer. Other studies show that just one cup of coffee can reduced the risks of having a stroke. Not only does it reduce the risk of Stroke, but also of Diabetes. But on the bright side, it also improves the function of the brain and many other things.

However, though this may mean that it is ok to drink 6 or 7 cups of coffee daily, dont rush to the coffee machine.

With every benefit, there will always be a risk. Drinking higher doses of coffee would put your heart at risk of over palputating. Increased palputations would in effect, risk heart attacks and angina pains. Not only that, but an increase in cholesterol would put the individual at risk of further problems. Research has also shown that, despite all the positives, coffee would effect those with iron deficiency negatively as well as expectant mothers.

However, the most noticable effect would be that of the teeth. Coffee, no matter how much you consume, will eventually stain the teeth a colour that isn’t pretty. And of course, the lack of sleep. Coffee has always been linked to keeping people awake, the more you consume, the longer you stay awake.

So coffee drinkers. Continue to drink, but drink with caution. Everything has a pro and a con, just be sure to know what your drinking is good or bad in the long run..