Petition: Save our Sharks!

Posted on May 19, 2011


Sharks are hunted in their millions for thie fins

Our shark population is slowly slipping away. In recent years, many of the shark species have even taken place on the exhition list. Many petitions have been created as of late due to the vast amount of sharks being killed purely for their fins. Shark fins are harvested using a brutal and inhumane method as the sharks are finned alive and dumped back into the sea to die. In Hong Kong alone, almost 20 million pounds of shark fin are are traded, only a fraction of the worlds entire consumption.

Shark fin soup is a traditional dish that is usually reserved for special occasions, like weddings. But the growing demand for shark fin soup keeps the price high, fetching from $300 for one pound of fins. As well as the destruction it is causing to the shark population, shark meat contains high amounts of mercury. Mercury is a known substance that is a major factor in birth defects and other illness’ in the human body.

Ban the hunting of Sharks for their Fins

Modern fishing practices have led to overfishing, and an increasing taste for pricey shark fin soup has exacerbated the drive to fish sharks en mass from the sea for the sake of profits. Shark finning is a cruel fishing practice: the fins and tails are cut from living sharks. The mutilated shark, often still alive, is thrown back into the ocean to endure an often slow and agonizing death. By just taking the fins, which take up less space on a boat than the rest of the low-value shark body, fishermen are able to stay out much longer and pull many more sharks from the sea.

To stop this horrific act of cruelty, many petitions have been raised. In my blogs, I usually pick a petition and focus on that as well as link to that petition. However, many petitions have been raised for many different areas of the world. So I urge you to go to and search for a petition near you. Hawaii has already banned the fishing of Sharks, let every other country do it too!.