Things of Interest: Fur Free

Posted on May 18, 2011


West Hollywood is the first city to Ban the sale of Fur
If I asked you how many animals died each year to provide quality fur clothing, would you know? More than 50 million animals are slaughtered for our fashion industry. Dying, to become the next fashion line. For years, Animal Activists have tried to ban the use of fur, especially when faux fur was introduced as a quality substitute. However, still over 0 million animals die each year for those who wish to have the ‘real thing’.
The City of West Hollywood’s commitment to civil rights, human rights and animal rights is one of its most cherished legacies. West Hollywood has been an animal friendly city since 1989 when the city was proclaimed a ‘cruelty free zone for animals’. Also known as the Resolution Number 558. Since then, West Hollywood has maintained its reputation as an animal friendly city.
A few weeks ago, West Hollywood went a little further in their campaign and partook in six weeks worth of campaigning and rallying before it was announced by the city council, that the sale of apparel fur would be prohibited. During the rallies, many stores even volunteerily stopped selling real fur and took all displays from their windows.
This is a huge success and the hard work of all who took part in this campaign was all paid for. West Hollywood is not only the first Fur Free city in the states, but also in the world and a marking of a huge step forward for animal rights. They have created a passage to encourage other cities and countries to fight for what is right and ban the use of fur in fashion, or any other sector. When there is extremely good quality of faux fur available, why is it then, that millions of animals are still being killed?
Thank you West Hollywood for your hard working campaign and showing the rest of the world that it IS possible to move forward in fashion without the use of fur. Hopefully, with some effort, you will not be the only city to be fur free!