Goodbye dear Ming Ming

Posted on May 18, 2011


As the world’s oldest panda, Ming Ming became quite popular. The panda lived at the Xiangjiang Wild Animal World in Panyu. at 34 years old. It was thought that old age, and kidney failure were to blame for her sad death on May 7th 2011. Defying the odds, Ming Ming was the oldest Panda known, where most pandas are only known to live till the average age of 15.

Ming Ming dies age 35

Ming Ming was more popular than many historical features in China. She hit the headlines int he early 1990’s when she was sent to London Zoo to partake in a breeding program. Unfortunately, she was soon deported back to China after beating her mate every time he tried to come near her.  Her title of oldest living panda has now gone to her London mate, Bao Bao who is 33 years old.

Ming Ming’s death is a blow to her species numbers as currently there are only 1,600 wild giant pandas and 300 in captivity. China has been working hard on its breeding program in hopes to bring the numbers up, but scientists are having little success.

However, a recent step towards the goal to improve the panda population, was the restoration of the majority of the country’s major giant panda reserve three years after it was seriously damaged by the devastating Wenchuan earthquake in May 2008. The Baishuijiang Nature Reserve, is currently home to 100 Giant Pandas.