Custody Lost by Breast Cancer

Posted on May 17, 2011


For any mother, losing a child is a heart wrenching experience. It is something that no parent should ever have to go through. But finding out that the reason you cannot hold custody of your children because you have cancer, is beyond bearable. That was what happened to mum Alaina Giordano. Thirty-Seven year old Alaina lost custody of her two children – aged 5 and 11- after a North Carolina Judge decided that her breast cancer was concerning. Her husband, Illinois based Kane Snyder was granted primary custody. This meant that if Alaina wanted to have regular contact with her two children, she would have to move.

Alaina has lost custody because of her Breast Cancer

Though many would argue that the Judges primary concern should be the welfare of the children, many have argued that the judge is prejudice against ill-health individuals. However, others have argued that the judge made the right decision.

Although both parents have been granted joint custody, the web has been crazy with news, claiming that Giordano lost custody. However, some news has come from the courtroom.

The court ruled out primary care for the children by their mother as her health and treatment would affect her ability to provide adequate care. Most media coverage also failed to cover the testimony by Giordano’s Oncologist. Her doctor stated that Giordano regularly skipped treatment and ignored medical advice. Her doctor said Giordano “was making her disease into a crisis.” According to a psychiatric evaluation from UNC, those crises make her “unavailable to provide care to the children.”

Other factors were also included in the result of the Judges’ decision. infidelity and other issues were presented to the judge to form the final decision. 

I sympathise completely with Alaina. It is obvious that she loves her children and will do whatever she can to regain custody of her children. Her story has travelled all over the world, generating media coverage in her aid. But the North Carolina Judge only had the children’s best interest at heart. Lets remember that Giordano still has access to her children, she only lost primary care. And in my personal opinion, it was the right thing to do, the children are young, they need stability and if that is what their father can provide them, then at least they are getting it.

I wish Alaina all the best and I hope she can beat the disease.