Random: Its Friday

Posted on May 13, 2011


No. Not a tribute to Rebecca Black. Just a basic statement while I sit here and write to you. I have been scowering the internet today to find something that I think needs my voice. But today seems to be quite slow on the new issues. Although, I am sure, by evening time, there will hopefully (Or in some cases not) be some news for me to share with you.

Now as most of you readers know, Its been almost three months now since Thoughts of a Kind was established. In that time, I have generated a healthy Twitter following, and yesterday a Facebook Fan Page was launched. I am proud that my message is getting through and I hope, that in the coming months and years, I can help all the organisations who have allowed me to write about them, as well as select individuals, as well as many more who join with me.

Now most people would consider my current following as minimal and indifferent. But I disagree. I am 21 years old. This is a huge achievement for me if one of my Tweets, or one of my articles is shared with people I don’t even know. I hope it has an impact. I would like to think that my posts, helps with petitions, and donations and anything else in order to improve our planets wellbeing.

So. To all my followers who have helped me grow in this past three months, I want to thank you. (especially @tbird632 who has been the most loyal supporter I have ever had the pleasure of coming across). But also, maybe I can share some of my future ideas, however longshot they my seem.

So I do have a few ideas for TOAK. First, -I’m sure most of you have noticed this already- I would like to turn TOAK into a proper website, instead of just a hosted blog. That is my initial plan. I then want to start fundraising in the name of TOAK. I would like TOAK to have more of a meaning than just a promoter (so to speak). Im most passionate about Sea Life and Elephants in particular, so if I were to make TOAK an organisation I would raise money to aid Elephants and Sea Life. That would be my ultimate dream. And I hope that one day, it will come true, but until then, Im more than happy to continue with this blog in hopes that awareness can be raised about the organisations I am mentioning already.

Well that is a little bit about me guys, I hope you all read this post as much as you read the others (But I wouldn’t blame you for getting bored. Im pretty sure I would if I read through this again ;D). And dont forget, if your an organisation that would like a post dedicated to you like so many before, (Paws 4 a Cause, Crowdrise) all you have to do is send me an email which you can find in the side panel.