Things of Interest: Inter-Species Communication not far away!

Posted on May 11, 2011


Human-Dolphin Interaction

By inter-species, I do mean, of course, communication between humans and Dolphins!!  Scientists at the Wild Dolphin Project are well underway in breaking the communication barrier between man and dolphins. for the past 26 years, they have been collecting the underwater sounds and behaviours of the dolphins. Currently their database has two steps it needs to complete before they can master the breakthrough.

The second part of the research concentrates on the developement of a two-way communication system that they will use to build a communication system between human and dolphin. In the next few weeks, they are hoping to their machine in the Florida seas. Should they be successful it will be a huge step in establishing communication between humans and animals.

The new machine developed to build a communication bridge between humans and animals

Hydrophones are used to pick up the sounds by the dolphins and an led light on the machine will show the direction the sounds came from. The divers who pick up the sound will then play back one-off the eight ‘words’ to see if the dolphin will mimic them. The sounds will then be catalogued in hopes to establish building blocks of the dolphins language.

The research is astounding, and a breakthrough in technology. If this developement goes well and does infact work, then not only can this progess through to other sea creatures, but hopefully to land animals aswell.

In a way, it will finally give these animals a voice. They will finally be able to speak for themselves. So good luck to those scientists at the Wild Dolphin Project. I hope this goes through.