Petition: Protect our Dolphins!

Posted on May 6, 2011


April 2010's Spill killed millions of animals

Its been just over a year since the devastation of the BP Oil spill that was caused from an explosion in the Gulf. Following the event, millions have suffered, including whales, dophlins, pelicans and even us humans. Animal Rights activists have been campaigning since, to return the sea back to how it used to be. Unfortunately, a year later, we are still suffering.

But it doesn’t seem like we are learning from our previous mistakes. And if we have learned, we don’t seem to realise we are continuing to do the same thing.

This Autumn, the Government in the UK have allowed 2 companies to to begin seismic surveys for oil and gas in the Moray Firth, Scotland, for possible future gas and oil developement. These companies will be operating on the boundary of the Special Area of Conservation – a sanctuary, created by the government to protect the bottlenose dolphins.

Moray Firth is home to playful Dolphins

WDCS, a charity that was created to protect our sealife has a base in Moray Firth, right where the surveys will be taken. Doing these surveys will in no doubt cause disruption to our Dolphins, Whales and Humpbacks that come to Moray Firth, and in the worst case, they could kill them.

For those of you who dont know what a  seismic survey is, here is a brief explanation.

 “It is one form of geophysical survey that aims at measuring the earth’s (geo-) properties by means of physical (-physics) principles such as magnetic, electric, gravitational, thermal, and elastic theories.  It is based on the theory of elasticity and therefore tries to deduce elastic properties of materials by measuring their response to elastic disturbances called seismic (or elastic) waves.” (Source)

WDCS has been working hard for many years to try and protect the dolphins and whales in the area. As funding, they adopt the local whales out to the public for as little as only £3 a month. But protecting these anumals is not cheap. WDCS need our help and our support. Without the backing of the public, their voice cannot be heard, and in turn, the dolphins and whales will suffer quitely.

So lend your support. Do what you can to help. Save our sealife! Visit WDCS today.