Paws 4 a Cause

Posted on May 5, 2011


When its someones birthday, usually we settle for a card and maybe a present that is only slightly better than last years sweater. When we hear its our favourite Celebrity’s birthday, we maybe make them a video, or a photo book of some kind… or if we are really creative…. a sweater.

Last year,, Ian Somerhalder got a birthday present he probably never expected. It is well-known that Damon Salvator’s alter ego is an animal lover, which is probably one of the many reasons his fans love him so much. And is also the reason why one of his fans, Natalie, took it upon herself to create a birthday present, that would definitely stick out above the rest.

Paws 4 a Cause is a foundation that supports an animal Shelter, St Tammany Humane Society as well as Ian Somerhalder’s very own IS Foundation. Natalie created Paws 4 a Cause as a birthday present to Ian, to help raise money and awareness for both ISF and St Tammany.

Since opening P4AC on September 23rd, 2010., Natalie, and all those involved, helped to raise over $11,000 after a month and a half of steady campaigning. No doubt a massive success for her and both causes she was promoting. With the blessing of Ian and St Tammany, Natalie hopes that it will become a yearly event. Natalie has already got an aim to raise $30,000 in 2011, hoping to beat last years total.

Lucky for her, she is helping a celebrity with one of the largest and strongest fanbases. Not only does he have  his own following, but the following of fans of his hit TV shows, Lost & The Vampire Diaries.

No doubt Natalie will succeed in raising this years target. And I wish her and all the team at P4AC all the success and congratulations at doing such a fantastic job.

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