Things of Interest: Love no Boundaries

Posted on April 15, 2011


When babies meet other babies, there are usually playful moments shared, occasionally they take part in their own little roleplay when the older child will be playing mummy to the younger child.

When a young duckling wandered into a gorilla enclosure at Bristol Zoo, it may have realised it made a mistake and hurried to escape. However, the little feathered bird caught the attention of four year old Kamale. A young gorilla in the enclosure.

While most animals are rough or brutal with new things, Kamale seemed to act somewhat differently, suprising onlookers and Zoo staff. Instead of chasing the bird or attacking, Kamale instantly picked up the frightened bird and cuddled it to his chest.

The poor frightened bird however must have failed to realise the act of love as it continued to try and escape. In attempts to keep the bird close, Kamale kept pulling it back to him, though the ducking soon managed to fled and rejoin its family.

Sorry Kamale… better luck next time.


Kamale cuddles the frightened duckling in an attempt to care


Kamale tries to stop the Duckling from leaving