Talk to the Bullets

Posted on April 14, 2011


Gangs use guns to do the talking, We only listen when someone diesOn Wednesday April 6th, A gunman barged into the classroom in Tasso da Silveira School in Rio De Janeiro and opened fire. 12 innocent children aged between 10 – 15 lost their lives that day, for a reason we are still asking why. Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, the 24 year old Gunman later shot himself when the police arrived.

In Stockwell, UK,  five-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran was shot in front of her parents as gang members opened fire in a wild-west style shoot out. As well as the innocent child loosing her life, a 35 year old man was left in critical condition. All because of a gang dispute. With no care in the world for the public surrounding them, they opened fire and Thusha Kamaleswaran paid the price.

Another shoot out in London found that Oxford University hopeful Agnes Sina-Inakoju, 16 was killed as she was buying herself a takeaway. The Shooter, part of a London based gang, and other members who assisted him have been jailed for life for the muder of the 16 yr old. Not only that, but the gun used to kill Agnes, has been linked to as many as SIX prior shootings.

This raises the question as to what kind of society we live in. In this era, we are living in a world where guns and bullets speak louder than the human voice. To settle disputes, we turn to the gun. Gone are the days when it is safe for us to walk out our doors with the knowledge that we will come back alive.

But why is this?

“@tbird632: Its sad that these kids can’t trust anyone to tell them  what they are thinking. Why? Where is the breakdown?”

Talking on twitter about the subject on guncrime, tbird632 raised the right question. After all, neglect in a child’s upbrining leads to this sort of lifestyle in later life. Not only neglect from families, social difficulties and lack of communication.

We live in a world where money is our main issue. Parents try to work hard to give their children the best they can, but without realising, they are spending more time at work than with their children, unaware of what is going on. Those parents who do make an effort, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Because these kids start hanging around in the wrong crowds. At a young age, you do whatever you can to fit in with your peers. Often, that leads to doing something illegal or something you know is wrong, just to be “COOL”. Being an individual is not cool anymore. Being YOU is not cool anymore.

Even more worrying to our society is the amount of violent video games and movies in our entertainment world. Sell Out video games are the ones where guns are valued weapons. The likes of Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and many other A listers promote violent movies where guns are hip and cool. People see this idealic world where cool people have guns in their back pocket as if it was a purse, first sign of trouble and a shooting war begins with slow motion effects and glamourous movements. And unsuprisingly, when these “good guys” kill. They get away with it. No Crime no Punishment. But this is the real world, we are not heroes, you are not going to get away with it.

So where are we going wrong? how are we here? When will the day come when gun crime leaves the streets. Innocent people can walk out of their homes, knowing that they will be coming back.