Things of Interest: Dont worry. Be Happy :D

Posted on April 13, 2011


boost your Happy Hormones while waiting for summer

Incase you’ve been stuck indoors the past week, The sun has been shining and finally we are feeling some heat! Which is great news for those who want a natural tan. Bad news for those who dont like the sun…. which is probably the reason why you have been stuck indoors the last week. Sadly though, the weather reports are telling us that the sun was only giving us a taster of what our summer would be like. Get ready for the cold again! Unless your skipping the Royal Wedding this Easter break and opting for a sunshine getaway.

But just because the heat is gone does not mean we have to go back into the sulky mode that overflows us in the mornings when we look out the window and see a dull, cloud filled sky instead of a clear blue, sunny sky. Though it has been proven that good weather increases good moods, so do a variety of other influences.

If you need a way to help boost your mood, why not try a few of the following things, that have been proven to boost happy hormones in the body:

Volunteer Work – this has actually been proven to boost the Serotonin in the body.

Sleep well – Sleeping a full nights sleep is a proven tactic to keep bad moods at bay. Its easier said than done as majority of the population suffer sleepless nights due to stress and worry.

Worry less & Stress less – Most stress comes from work, which is why this advice  is best remembered. “once you leave the office, you leave the work. Never take your work home with you, physically OR mentally”

Go out for a walk – It may be dull and dreary, and maybe there is a splatter of rain, but fresh air boosts moral and its a great way to get some exercise in there too.

Arrange a get together – Go out, get some coffee, have a good girly chat… or if your a guy, get in some male bonding over a beer. Sometimes, you can’t go to family for everything… but what are friends for?

Do something thrilling – Nothing like an adrenaline rush to get the blood pumping the happiness. If you cant handle the thrill of something unusual… try going to a theme park and getting on that ride you were to afraid of going on before.

Cook – This one is personal. When I need a boost of the Happy Drug, I cook, there is something thrilling about seeing the final result of all your hard work in the kitchen.

So next time your feeling glum – which will probably be in the next week when the sun is hiding again and the winds pick up into gales – do something different, boost your happy hormones.