NHS: National Health Service or No Health Service?

Posted on April 12, 2011


NHS is cutting Jobs in Places that need more Staff

For those of you readers who reside in the United Kingdom, you will know that we are lucky enough to have been provided with a benefit service over the years, for our health. But in the risk of sounding ungrateful… the service SUCKS.

It wasn’t always so bad, in the era where I was young, The NHS was a big thing and my parents were part of a society that praised the government for introducing it. But with a new generation comes new management.. Since the great economic recession of last year, Our government has been trying to find ways in which to cut costs and “save our economy”

To save almost £20 BILLION from the budget, the NHS (which was supposed to be safe from the cuts), has cut MORE than 50,000 jobs, and mostly staff from the front line. And the result? Bad healthcare for the sick.

A Prime example is my own city hospital. Now the staff who are still there, are caring and one of the best hospital staff I have come across throughout the UK. But in my city alone, the cuts have meant that instead of two hospitals, we have now only got one. And in that one hospital, half the wards are closed down due to lack of staff.

So what does that mean for the patients? It means that despite being in the need of hospital care, they are sent home due to lack of beds. It means that they are not getting the full treatment, and the front line staff are the ones who get the blame. Being part of a family where there is always at least one person in hospital at any given time, I have practically grown up with hospital visits, and I have heard many stories from patients and seen many horrifying sights.

On one visit, there was a patient who had been sitting in his chair since the morning, waiting for someone to assist him, but no one had come.

In a hospital that I will not name, there was a patient who had fallen on the floor, and the nurses had not picked him up for over an hour. When visiting hour came, the patient’s child came and found him on the floor. Needless to say, neither patient nor visitors were pleased.

The question now comes to WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?! The NHS is a health service that is greatly important. Without it, we might as well invite the plague for a visit. understandably, we need to cut costs and save money, but wouldn’t it make more sense to cut the amount of money we lend to other countries so we can sort our own country out? And if jobs must go, Does the NHS really need a management team in every department of every hospital? What happened to when the Matron was considered a ‘manager’, but she could actually look after patients. Instead of cutting nurses and doctors, why is it so difficult to cut managers, (Who in essence have higher wages than Doctors and nurses). Jobs are being cut, our health service is being cut, The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.