Discussion: Ban of the Burka. Right or Wrong?

Posted on April 12, 2011


France is the First to Ban the Burka

Yesterday saw the ban on the Burka in France. Already, 2 women were arrested, one of whom was a Moroccan convert. Since then press has been having a field day with reports on the demonstrations in both France and England, as well as out in the public, getting opinions. Twitter itself has been alive with comments with one user commenting :

“France bans the Burka. Britain should follow this ban. It makes me uneasy seeing people with full face veils.”

Another stated that it was a smart move as men often hide behind the burka in an attempt to commit crimes.

All true in sense, but the reason behind the banning of the burka, is mainly to ‘save’ oppressed women. But  how many of the veiled women are forced into wearing the Burka. As a muslim woman, I do not wear the veil and I have never been forced to. Likewise, many of the people I know who DO wear the veil, have never been forced to. So wouldn’t banning the burka be FORCING those who want to wear the veil, not to wear it in the same way that those being forced to wear the burka don’t want to wear it.

“Isn’t banning the burka the same thing as forcing someone to wear it? These women choose to remain covered in an attempt to follow their beliefs. By forcing them to give up the burka, it’s a way of forcing them to give up their beliefs.”

Many defenders of the Burka have also stepped up, writing comments on online articles. Many have also asked how the government can prove that these women are being forced to wear the burka. Many believe that the wearing of the Burka is NOT religious but cultural. However, That is untrue. The holy Quran does state that women should cover themselves with veils and also that the wives of the prophets also covered themselves with the Burka in front of men who were not related by blood, or their husband. So it is a religious notion, but most believe otherwise, as many muslim girls, (including myself) do not wear the veil.

So where does that leave the veiled women in France now? They have a choice, Move, or take off the veil? but what if you were one of these women? what would you do? and if the veil is banned? what will come next?