Petition: Seal Hunting Season Reopened

Posted on April 7, 2011


Is this what you want

Recently i posted about a petition about the brutal murders of baby seals in Canada due to the hunting. PETA has been continuing its petition to stop Canada’s government for allowing the hunting season of aby seals to continue. The Canadian government has sanctioned the mass killing of as many as 400,000 helpless baby harp seals AGAIN this year.  Canada’s annual seal slaughter—the largest massacre of marine animals on the planet. These oblivious creatures are living their peaceful lives, not aware that in a few months time, they will have gone through the murderous process of becoming the latest fashion item making it down the catwalk.

Most would think that these creatures are at least killed in a humane manner. However, that is far from the truth. The carnage begins as the seals have their heads bashed in with clubs. Often still conscious, they will be dragged across the ice with boat hooks. Then these sensitive, intelligent animals will be skinned, sometimes while they are still alive. The sealers will take their fur but leave the seals’ bodies on the ice to rot.

As well as their donation pledge to save these seals, PETA have, in the weeks leading up to this brutal activity, also begun their active petition campaign where you can sign the letter to stop this. When faux fur is now available, how can we continue to kill animals that haven’t even had a chance to mature yet! Please sign this petition and do what you can for these animals.

To sign the petition click here.