Crack that Whip just like a Circus

Posted on April 7, 2011


Anne was abused by her owners in the Circus

This year, animal cruelty has been in the spotlight with numerous reports of animals being abused and killed. Most recent is the case of Anne the Circus Elephant. She was caught on film being abused, slashed, whipped and shackled by heavy chains in the winter quarters of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus. The 57-year-old Elephant was treated to a poor feeding regime amidst the abuse she received by the people who were supposed to care for her.

After a petition by animal rights activists as well as many online fundraising groups, Anne was finally granted retirement and transferred to the UK’s most recognised zoo, Longleat. Anne’s ordeal is now over, but she is only one of many animals who have suffered.

There are still so many elephants and other animals including monkeys, tigers and birds, who suffer a fate of equal or worse all over europe. Most if not all these animals stay in habitats unsuitable even for humans, their training is forced and brutal. Their training regimes often include whipping, electrocuting and pierced with bullhooks. All in a sickening attempt to make the animal do as it is told. 60 percent of the time out of show, animals are stuck in shackles. When the show is over, they are made to live in cages only big enough for them to stand, with little or no room for movement.

to the Young and Naive the shows are astounding

Considering the amount of money these kinds of circus’ earn from the popularity they gain from younger audiences, is it really so hard to look after the animals? It is without a doubt that the younger audiences love the idea of an animal circus. The tricks, a result of brutal torture, are captivating to the naive eye, but when you know that the animals are simply acting to save themselves from the abuse after the show, the tricks aren’t so pretty.

Cages are not where animals are supposed to be

So Anne may have had her happy ending, leaving the circus and retiring in the home of Longleat Zoo. But what about the many others who are still suffering? When do they get their happy ending?