Petition: Proud to Kill Elephants

Posted on March 30, 2011


These Elephants are hunted as part of recreational activities

A video went viral on 14th March when CEO or GoDaddy, Bob Parsons, posted a video showing him killing an elephant. Claiming it to be “one of the most beneficial and rewarding things” he does, Parsons has angered the animal loving community with the brutality of killing these humble creatures.
Claiming these animals are reasons for damaged crops in the area, Parsons and his crew videotaped a hunt which led to the killing of one elephant. Two of his companions managed to escape the open fire, but apparently, this was the only way to solve the problem. (Please note the unimpressed sarcasm) The video is horrific as it continues to the following day where villagers are carving the elephant for food.
On his personal blog, Parsons says that he hunts “problem elephants” because it’s “so helpful for the local residents.” He also explains that he only hunts in regulated areas and that in these areas there is no concern about elephants becoming extinct. Is that really a valid argument? If that were the case, we could go around in overly populated countries and start shooting down children and adults saying their was no concern because the country was over populated. It would be completely fine.

Hunting is cruel and inhumane

Our animals are our responsibility, where they are not able to care for themselves, we should care for them. Is killing really the most justified method to resolve a problem? Is creating a barrier, or donating money to create fencing really so impossible? Elephants are the most fascinating creatures and in recent years, their kind has been fast declining.

However, PArsons is not the only individual who takes part in this type of ‘vacation’. Many people pay thousands of pounds or dollars to take part in these activities. Zimbabwe is a hotspot for Elephant hunting having tourist agents offering as little as $7800 for a ten day hunting trip. If we can stop one person from doing this, there is a chance we can shut these places down and save the creatures that define our planet. If we can make Parsons realise this is wrong, the message will spread. But I have one last thing to say. Thank you Parsons, for making this video viral. It showed us what is really going on in Zimbabwe.

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