Petition: Killing Dolphins to ‘be a MAN’

Posted on March 29, 2011


Warning! Disturbing Images Below!

Today I got an email with horrific images that made me sick to the core. I will share with you the images but you should look only if you have the guts to. Every year, in Denmark, human beings (civilised humans) kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins. Why? Why would people do this so willingly? Well, it’s actually Teens who have been doing this, and they have been doing it because it is a ‘celebration’ to show maturity and adulthood.

It is necessary to mention that the Calderon Dolphin, like many other species of dolphin, is near extinction and they come near humans to play and interact in PURE friendship.


What makes this worse is that these poor creatures do not die easily, they live through the horrific acts, being cut up two or three times, sometimes more, while they cry out in pain, a sound that resembles one of newborn babies. When I read the email, I was horrified. But forwarding an email around to friends and family will not get very far. So i looked for an active petition to get the message out.

I urge all of you to sign this petition. It will only take a second and it would save the lives of such caring creatures. It doesn’t take more than a minute and if you see the images below, you will realise just what brutality you are stopping.

Click here to sign