Interactive: What are you doing for Earth Hour?

Posted on March 26, 2011


Today is EARTH HOUR day! For one hour, The world will be encouraged to switch off ALL lights and live in darkness for ONE HOUR. It is an amazing event, that we are lucky to be taking part off. It is in aid of awareness for our climate. Everyone can take part, there is no need to donate, no need to sign a petition. This is your donation, your petition. All you have to do is switch off the light!

But thats not all, we want to hear what your getting up too during the dark times (although some of the world has already been through earth hour, so what did you get up to?) You can either post a comment here, or follow me on Twitter (@thoughtsofakind) and I will retweet, and post on here. Let the world know you care, let us know what you will be doing during EARTH HOUR.


A question on the side. Who reckons we should start earth day? No lights no technology.. One day, just the world and us. Lets make it happen. šŸ˜€


Be Safe, Have Fun, and Keep in Touch