Donation: Save our Seals

Posted on March 19, 2011


Won't you help stop Canada's bloody seal slaughter? Donate Now

Is this what we want?

Peta have released a new Petition to stop the inhumane, unlawful killings of our seals. These poor seals are being killed for one reason only, it is to satisfy our greed for fur. In only a few short weeks, pups as young as three months old will be shot and murdered. This is difficult enough to hear but to see the images of pure white snow stained in the blood red of the murdered seals is too hard to even look at.

It is important that we all raise our voices to help those who cant. Sealers often hook the pups in the eye, cheek, or mouth to avoid damaging their fur. PETA’s work has helped add to the international outcry against Canada’s government-approved mass killing of baby seals. With no way to defend themselves against the sealers’ spiked clubs, the pups yelp in terror as the blows crush their skulls; other seals can only look on in terror, watching and wailing. Some pups cower next to where their siblings had been slaughtered right before their eyes. Others crawl through pools of blood, cuddling up next to the bodies of the victims. They then drag the seals across the ice and — in many cases, while the animals are still conscious — rip the skin off their small bodies, which then are discarded like garbage.

PETA urges you to donate money in order to fight against these sealers. Donate now and give these seals a fighting chance.

See PETA’s website for the latest information:

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