Things of Interest: Anger Management

Posted on March 15, 2011


Jennifer in Hit Show Cougar Town

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are just so angry or upset that you could literally throttle someone? Or maybe your the type who gets so angry or upset that you burst into tears? Either that, or your the person who holds everything inside until finally enough is enough and you blow the roof. Expressing anger can be done in a variety of ways, though the only expression people associate with it is that of abuse and violence. But other expressions of anger are holding it all inside, which slowly eats away at you. Others turn you into an emotional wreck, not fit for social interaction.

Either way, it is very difficult to find the right way to deal with anger. Thats what I used to think anyway. Then I watched an episode of Cougar Town and realised that there was one way that was a garantee to destroy anger. As a tried and tested hypothesis. I followed the advice of Glenn, the Councellor made famous by Jennifer Aniston.

In her final scene, we see Jennifer Aniston’s character getting angry with Courtney Cox’s character Jules. She however deals with her anger by ‘pulling her anger out’ before counting to five and then letting the balloon of anger go into the air. At first, it is humourous just to watch, but after getting angry one day, I tried and tested it just for fun.

So how did it get rid of my anger? Well, while I was doing it, I felt so ridiculously stupid that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. It felt so relaxing and even though I really did feel like the anger was disappearing, it wasn’t because of the ‘balloon’ it was because I felt so ridiculous that humour and stupidity overtook the feeling of anger completely.

No matter where you are. Alone. In a crowd. On a bus. Whereever. You will feel stupid just doing it, and with that, your anger is garanteed to disappear. So, next time you feel angry, why not try it out. Im sure you will feel so much better. And the best thing is…. its completely FREE!