Did Japans Earthquake shift the Polar Axis?

Posted on March 14, 2011


Earthquakes lead to polar shifts

Recent reports following Fridays devastating earthquake have shown scientists reporting of a shift in the polar axis due to mother natures dramatic meltdown. Not only did the earth’s axis shift over 4 inches, Japan itself moved from its current position by almost 2.8 meters.

So what does that mean for our planet?

Research shows that the shift in the axis has various effects. Effects include a change in weather, seismic and volcanic activity. Why is this important? because these changes do not happen for the better. They happen for the worse and lead to devastating effects. Japan’s most recent earthquake caused a shift in the polar axis resulting in the loss of 1.8 milliseconds of daylight. Though that does not perceive to be a major issue, it still does change that the full effect of Friday’s earthquake will become evident in the years to follow.

But what else causes the shift in the axis? There has been much speculation between scientists and bloggers and a variety of people worldwide, though most commonly, people believe that aside from earthquakes, the melting of the polar ice caps have something to do with it. As the weight of the melting ice caps decreases, online discusions have come to the conclusion that thir melted weight is being distributed across the oceans and providing weight elsewhere, thus the axis being forced to move. How far that theory is true? Only God knows, but it is a practical theory.

Could this be what we are headed too?

Most Axis shift theories protest that as a result of the shift, we will be experiencing changes in weather, increase in tsunami and earthquakes and an increase in volcanic activity. The last three of which have already been displayed in Japan in the last three days. Should our axis shift further we will come to having the hottest summers and the coldest winters. Some experts also believe that larger shifts will have an effect on the Earth’s gravitational pull and slowly pull us towards the sun, which as you can imagine, will probably blow us into oblivion. Others believe that the shift will pull us back into another ice age. Either way, all the experts are telling us we are in for a very dramatic change.

So what do we do with this information? Is there any way we can protect ourselves and stop any further damage? No. We have caused enough damage already, Mother Nature has already had enough and I believe that all we can do is prepare ourselves and hope we make it through the changes.