Petition: Killing for what?

Posted on March 13, 2011


Although there is much I could still continue to write about for Japan in hopes that my readers will donate to relief activists who will be leaving behind their loved ones to help Japan and the affected Pacific areas back to their feet, there are still other issues that need to have a voice.

thought most of our minds are on the hopes that the death toll in Japan does not rise any further, we cannot forget that there are still other issues out there that need to be dealt with. I am talking, of course, about the animals in our world. Species that will soon be extint if we do not look after them.

Sign the petition to stop cruelty to animals

As I have already mentioned in a previous article, Actor Ian Somerhalder has been actively campaign against the brutal murders of 100 Sled Dogs and have been pursuing the help of 50,000 people to sign their petition. However, we are stil short 10,000 people and we need to put a stop to the brutal cruelty these animals sufer day by day. It takes two seconds to sign the petition and costs no money whatsoever. So why not.


Make a donation to stop whaling

Not only do we have brutal murders of innocent canines, but we also have to look to the sea. Our seas are populated with a vast variety of beautiful, magical creatures. But due to recreational or feeding reasons, our whale population is suffering. Whaling has got to stop! Hunting whales has become more of a sport and it is completely unnecessary. Whales are not ours to kills to destroy and when it comes to eating whales, there are so many better, safer options. Sole, Haddock, Cod. These are all schools of fish that provide luxurious meat to feed the human race yet we still allow endagered whales to be hunted and murdered in ways that are far from humane. There are multiple petitions world wide to stop whaling but all it needs is your signature.