Where are they now?

Posted on March 12, 2011


With the devastating blow felt in the Pacific yesterday, I thought today I would take a look back at some of the places that suffered from a major natural disaster in the last few years, and how they coped with the aftermath.



Haiti's Earthquake hit a magnitude of 7.0

I think the first one that comes to everyones mind when someone says “earthquake 2010” has to be Haiti. Its 7.0 magnitude earthquake left over 200,000 dead more than1.5 million missing. They continued to suffer aftershocks for 12 more days with the magnitude STILL more than 4.5. The earthquake left millions homeless. residents slept in cars, on streets, and in makeshift shanti towns. This was the worst earthquakes that did effect millions of people around the world as soon as they heard of the news.

As soon as news got out relief support began. The International Red Cross sent aid but a day later they appealled for more help as they ran out of aid due to the great amount of devastation created. Giving Children Hope provided medical supplies while Partners in Health provided emergency help, based in the unaffected areas of Haiti. Social Networking sites were hot with users commenting on the event or asking for aid.

Its been over a year and Haiti is still suffering. Aid is slowly bringing the country back to its feet. Millions of people still dont have their homes back and are living in neighbourhoods of shanti towns. There are also ruins that remain untouched. However, the country’s people have been working together in an attempt to bring back what once was. This is a beautiful sign of unity after such a disasterous year.


Chili beat Haiti with a Magnitude of 8.8

Chili’s earthquake followed Haiti a month later in Februaury. Lasting 3 minutes in length, the 8.8 rictor scale measurement made it the sixth most powerful earthquake ever to be recorded (that was of course before Japan’s 8.9). However damage was not near as much as Haiti a month before. Over 300,000 homes were destroyed and the death toll was identified at 486 lives.

One year later Chili is slowly getting back on its feet. Beaches and tourist spots look as good as new as Chili attempt to bring back revenue with tourists. Residents see things getting back to normal. However there are still some places that haven’t changed since the earthquake. Abandoned houses that shifted in the quake remain in their new positions as a memorial to those who lost their lives.



The Tsunami hit on Boxing Day 2004

While most of the world was dealing with the aftermath of christmas dinner, the indian ocean was dealing with the aftermath of a 9.1 underwater earthquake. Lasting between 8 and 10 minutes, it triggered sister earthquakes as far as Alaska, thought not as powerful. It also triggered a tsunami over 100ft high, killing over 230,000 people in over 14 countries. As a result, the humanitarian response promoted a collection of over 9 Billion pounds in aid.

Not only did they have over 200,000 deaths, they also had over 125,000 injured and 46,000 missing. Almost 2 million people were left homeless and living in shelters.

Seven years later, the effected areas seem to be back on track. with aid from all over the world, each effected country have got back on their feet.

So what for Japan? There is still hope, though it doesn’t seem like it now. The world is pulling together to help Japan, and with the resources already present, it will hopefully not take long before the country is back on its feet.