BREAKING NEWS: Japan Hit by Earthquake

Posted on March 11, 2011


During the early hours of this morning while we slept in our beds, Japan was going through its normal midday feats when it was struck by an earthquake. The earthquake has been reported to hit the scale at 8.9 which is the most powerful earthquake to ever have hit Japan. As if this wasn’t enough, central Japan had to cope with the sudden outbreak of fires started by the quake, but on the East Coast had worse to  come.

Not soon after the devastating quake, the East Coast could do nothing to stop the 33ft high Tsunami heading their direction which has been reported to cause the most devastation so far in the country.

Our thoughts are going out to anyone involved in this tragedy. To those who have loved ones in the area.

Keep Safe Japan you are in our Prayers.


There are warnings going out to most countries in the Pacific. West Coast America, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and many more countries as far as Russia.


Please keep Safe and get to higher grounds if you can!



A tsunami warning covers Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Pacific coast of Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and also Central and South America



Stuart Weinstein, from the PTWC, tells the BBC World Service that coastal areas of Hawaii have been evacuated. He says Hawaii could be hit by a wave of up to two-metre high. He adds: “For South America, we are looking right now at a height of between half-a-metre and a metre, for some places on the US West Coast it might be around a metre.”


For Britons who are worried  about friends or relatives in Japan. the Foreign Office has now set up a hotline for you to get information.

020 7008 0000


Update: Japan has now declared a state of emergency. Britain and US Governments prepare to assist Japan. Death Toll has been confirmed to have reached 32 People


UPDATE:  Japanese Police Confirm 40 dead and 39 at least still missing. Sources in Auckland also confirm that tsunami is heading towards them at speeds of 500-600 MPH. Tsunami hits northeast Indonesia. It has been measured at half a meter high. No news on the extent of damage caused


NEW UPDATE: North Coast Indonesia has been hit by the Tsunami, not reports on the extent of damage. They are still on alert for aftershock waves. Minor waves have also begun hitting the Pillipines. Britain is now ready to send assistance and search and rescue Teams to Japan in the coming days


LUNCHTIME UPDATE: Phillipines and Indonesia hit areas are least likely to be damaged with waves at just half a meter.  Coastal residents in the Hawaii region are being evacuated as 6ft wave reach the islands. Between 200 and 300 bodies have been found near a beach in Sendia while one train full of passengers  in costal Japan is unaccounted for.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: Aftershocks continue in Japan ranging between 5.1 and 5.8 on the scale. West Coast US is alert for Tsunami heading their way with no signs of slowlying down. Oaho and Kauai are preparing for at least 3ft of Waves with chances of even higher to follow

MORE NEWS: Five more powerful aftershocks measuring 5.5 have rattled east coast Japan. Houses and buildings are ablaze in the city of Miyagi following the tsunami. Travel to the country has been disrupted due to the earthquake. Officials report 88,000 Missing.