Petition: Should Bears become Hats?

Posted on March 10, 2011


How can dead bears make hats?

Peta have got a campaign to stop the killing of bears to make head pieces for the five guard’s regiments. This is a really important campaign since it is very clear that hats like this can most definitely be made using synthetic materials. PETA is after Peter Luff. He is the Minister for Defence Equipement and Support. The aim is to have hats made from Faux Fur rather than bear fur.

The bears who get killed for these purposes are hunted down and alot of the time, they are not even killed instantly. Alot of bears walk wounded before they finally die. PETA has brought the numbers to every one in seven bears dying a slow and most probably painful death.

Is this all worth it? Should bears die for hats on government bodies?

Already the campaign has attracted the attention of celebrities from Kate Ford (Known for her role as Tracy Barlow on Coronation Street) to Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson. This important matter still needs more supporters. The Ministry and the Royal Family need our voices to tell them there are other ways to warm the heads of the Guards. Faux Fur is the future. Bears are our future. By adding your voice to the campaign, you can safe the futures of the bears so they dont have to suffer at the hands of humans.

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