Petition: Clean World? or Would you prefer some Unbearable Smoke?

Posted on March 9, 2011


Pollution is destroying our Planet

Today I signed a petition for WWF to stop the Oil Sands coming into Europe. The EU is close to approving a law that would cut carbon pollution from vehicles. This is fantastic news as this means we are one step closer to a cleaner planet.

On March 16th, WWF will be handing in a petition to stop the Canadian Government undermining the EU’s policy. Canada wants to have the policy allow the importing of Canada’s Tar Sand Oil. Tar Sand Oil, on average, releases three times more carbon pollution then conventional oil, which in itself is not the cleanest of substances.

WWF really need as many people to sign the petition as possible. They currently have 6,972 People onboard out of the 10,00 they desperately need. All you need to do is sign the petition which will not take more than two seconds. This is a really important change that needs to be made so I suggest you become one of those 10,00 people and head on over to save our planet.

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