Our Forests? Or Our Looks?

Posted on March 8, 2011


Growing Palm Oil is destroying homes for animals such as Orang-Utans

Palm Oil is a well known substance in most of our beauty regimes as well as an ingredient in most foods, but how many people really know where this ingredient comes from?

Palm Oil is grown in the areas of South East Asia, South America and West Africa. To grow this substance, the forests are getting cut down and destroyed. It doesn’t seem like something huge now, but when we lose our population of Orang-Utans or the Rhino, or Elephants… What then? Is that when we are going to wake up and realise the consequences of what we loose for our looks or hunger?

The production of Palm Oil can’t be stopped, it can be controlled, which is where the WWF have come and stepped in. WWF have set up the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2003 to control the regions in which Palm Oil is grown. But there are still many more locations that work outside the RSPO and grow Palm Oil, destroying the land around them. And with the continued growth of Palm Oil in the market, WWF are urging people to think twice about the products they buy.

So whats more important? The way we look? or the way our world looks?

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