Things of Interest: Fashion Faux Pas

Posted on March 8, 2011


Have you ever looked through a magazine and thought ‘Oh wow I wish I could pull that off’? Or maybe you’ve been to a fashion show and instantly thought ‘What the hell!’?

Most likely, the reason you think these things is because your what most people would call a “Plus Size” individual. Everywhere you look these days it seems extremely difficult for a woman over a certain waist size fitting in comfortably with the latest trends. Why? Because our fashion industries have convinced us that the only why to look good is to be a size zero. The influence has even extended to the likes of our peers who will maybe ‘suggest’ we put that chocolate back, or walk the stairs instead of taking the lift.

Fashion leads us to believe we have to be stick thin

What is the result? Loss of self-confidence, depression, social seclusion. And I know this because I’m a size 14-16 and I’ve experienced this first hand. Yes I’m 21. But that doesn’t mean that I HAVE to have a waist size 8. Even that isn’t enough. There are girls out there competing for a size zero waist because it ‘looks good’. But why wouldn’t they believe that? Have you ever seen a Supermodel with a waist bigger than size Zero?

But is that really healthy? Do skinnier people really have better health than those of us with a little bit more of a waist line? If so. Thats news to me. As far as I am concerned, Im healthy. I may have a waist line, but I have no problem walking a mile without a heartattack as one would assume for someone like me. People think that being bigger is an issue of laziness, or stuffing your face, but actually its not all about that. I eat healthily. I dont go to the gym, but Im not sat on my ass all day eating junk.

Yet I see these skinny girls who idolise the skinny models, hoping to one day be just like them. They wont eat more than a celery stick and have some sort of ritual bonding with the gym that they almost fall out from being so weak when they are finished. And that is healthy?

Fashion forces you to be someone you are not. You have to look that good. But in actual fact. You have to feel good. You have to be proud of your body. You have to look after it, cherish it, show it respect. If you dont feel good about the way you look, just because someone else thinks your chubby, take a look in the mirror, and remind yourself that if you didn’t look as good as you did now, you wouldn’t look good at all.

So remember today, while you celebrate International Women’s Day, that your body defines you and you define your body. Be Proud.