Petition: Protect our Dolphins and Whales

Posted on March 7, 2011


Dolphins are becoming a fast endagered species because of our stupidity

As someone who adopts a dolphin with WDCS. When I saw this petition, I knew I had to write something about it. Dolphin and whale hunting is a is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. As well as that, our beloved sea creatures are dying from getting entangled in nets, poisoned, harassed, starved or evicted from where they feed and breed.

It is our stupidity for allowing pollution to corrupt our seas. plumbing is flowing straight into the water, poisoning all sea life. Hunting is becom a popular sport. Nets are being thrown into the water and never collected. Dolphins and Whales are getting trapped and stuck, dying from starvation.

We need to stop this from happening

WDCS is a charity that looks out for these creatures all over the world. They have a base in scotland which observe and provide protection for the most loveable creatures but they need help.

There is currently a live petition (click here to sign) to get government

help to protect the Whales and Dolphins.  WDCS wants to update the laws to stop the more than twelve dozen species populating the UK waters and they need your help.  All you need to do is sign.