A cure for Martha Stringer

Posted on March 7, 2011


So I was on the internet looking for my next blogpost. I came across the Kidney Research website. Kidney Research is something that means alot to me because I have a father who has been suffering from kidney failure since before I was born. He has already had two transplants, and they have both failed.


Martha is only 5 years old

But I was on the website and I found a link to a story about Martha Stringer. Martha is a 5 year old child suffering from FSGS. FSGS is a kidney disease that affects the function of the kidneys. Even thought I myself have been around kidney problems all my life, this was not something I knew existed so I decided to do a little research.

FSGS actually stands Forocal and Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. It is a small scaring that can only be picked up by a biopsy test. It is not something that can be picked up so easily. Symptoms vary from case to case and the causes are unknown.

What suprised me most was that this is something that is not easily treatable. Which is upsetting when I read the story of Martha who is only 5 years old. For Martha, a transplant could save her, but the chances of it not being rejected is only a shocking 30%. Kidney Research is looking to help find a cure so this little girl can grow up and live a normal life.

There are so many different deseases that we still have no idea about, or even worse, we have no clue how to cure. Giving money or holding events to raise money for such charities like Kidney Research, will help even if its just a little.

Every person is one way or another affected  by someone who has some sort of kidney problem.